A Place Filled With Moving

Book Cover Design – 2017

A Place Filled With Moving is an academic text comparing cultural adaptation to drought conditions by two societies in the American West: the Puebloan cultures in Chaco Canyon around 1100 CE, and Dust Bowl farming communities in 1930 CE.  In both case studies, the critical role of monumental architecture in resource redistribution and social organization emerged as a theme with the potential to unify the publication visually; however, while there is a rich archive of Dust Bowl photography in the public domain, there are few representations of 12th century Chacoan architecture not in ruins.


The archaeological record at Chaco is rich enough that I was able to instead reconstruct one of the largest settlements in modeling software, then 3d-print in white PLA filament. I took photographs of the resulting models for use in chapter heads, which complemented Dust Bowl imagery by Arthur Rothstein and Dorothea Lange.


David Zwirner

Editorial Ads – 2018

These print ads for David Zwirner appeared in a number of New York cultural magazines, including BookforumArtforumArt Review, and Art in America. All images of artwork are courtesy of David Zwirner gallery and the studios and estates of the artists.


The Grinnell Review

Art Magazine - 2016

The Grinnell Review is a biannual publication of literary and visual art. As arts editor and lead designer, I produced these covers and interior layouts to showcase the work of our contributors in a perfect-bound, 84-page format.